Google the Word Culture

May 1, 2014

Google the word Culture


Brian Patrick Cork: The story laid-out below is fairly common.

However, my experience with Google developers/ engineers, for example, is the average pay is roughly $160k. They get some provocative variable incentive that includes different classes of stock.


However, when they can liquidate that stock is a key part of the equation.

Many of them get starry-eyed over paper wealth. So, it’s all relative.

By the way, and this is my primary point, here… This situation does not just apply to Google. The example plays-out universally.


I feel the primary attraction for people to work at Google is terrific leadership that is relevant and maturing, and a commitment to great culture and a sense of awe and curiosity. That is what is tough to match for other companies.


A Google Programmer ‘Blew Off’ A $500K Salary At Startup — Because… -

“Thanks to all its money, Google is a big winner in the war on talent.”


Let’s be part of the Solution.


brian patrick cork

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