A Bold and Unprecedented Guarantee


brian cork Human Capital™ has grown every year based on two simple things: client referrals and best-of-class recruiting strategies.


Companies that use other recruiting organizations often find they are inundated with an avalanche of under-qualified and unscreened applicants and candidates; waste time on inappropriate interviews; and, lose money on inappropriate hires.


This is a burden to any organization that leads to unnecessary employee attrition and enormous cost that drops negatively right to the bottom-line.


brian cork Human™ Capital Candidate Guarantee


With all Retained recruiting efforts brian cork guarantees all placed Candidates for a full year. What this means: If the placed candidate leaves the company, for any reason, within a twelve month period, we will complete a new search, and replace that Candidate at no additional cost to our clients.


This bold guarantee is unprecedented and unmatched in the Search and Recruiting industry, and demonstrates our commitment to the success of both our Clients and Candidates.

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