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August 14, 2014

As posted on Linkedin 08-14-14


Consider the “rule of five” while in job-perch mode. 


For every company you want or admire, there are five others in the same market or space that are trying to compete with the example company (this is particularly true in the mobility,...

July 29, 2014

The Hidden Downsides To Salary Transparency



More information isn't always better, at least when it comes to revealing employee salaries.

I agree with Tim Low's points as a compensation specialist. In fact, we have recently consulted to several la...

July 25, 2014

I often have friends, family and associates with children graduating from High School ask me for some career advice. It comes with the territory as an executive coach and recruiter.


My first thought if oftem to recommend a degree course in computer science or compu...

July 17, 2014

I'm thinking Jennifer did a solid job with this piece until she connected information with her title. She offers good insight to novice job hunters with common sense views. I do disagree with her position on cover letters. Its my experience (and coaching) that cover le...

July 7, 2014 This article is meant more for staff, line employees, and lower management. And, this conversation tracks to companies and contingency search groups.


However, when it comes to recruiting senior executives, subject matter experts and thought lea...

July 2, 2014

This information was first published by Brian Patrick Cork August 2007.


Let’s Talk About Board of Advisors…


So… There was a recent posting on LinkedINrequesting information around the purpose of an Board of Advisors.


I will be discussing this topic in more detail in th...

June 30, 2014

As seen on Linkedin.


I'm thinking this is a pretty good short read offered by Annette. The part of the post that caught my attention relates to comments around social media profiles. There are going to be as many opinions as there are profiles. However, when I coach pr...

June 1, 2014

brian cork Human Capital™ guarantees our placements for a full year.


Beyond the Quota: Best-in-Class Deployments of Sales Performance… -


“In today’s performance-driven culture, it would seem at first pass that managing professional salespeople is a re...

May 1, 2014

Google the word Culture


Brian Patrick Cork: The story laid-out below is fairly common.

However, my experience with Google developers/ engineers, for example, is the average pay is roughly $160k. They get some provocative variable incentive that includes different classe...

April 1, 2014

Brian Patrick Cork: This was also shared with us by a local SVP of HR. We finally convinced her we could help – and, she won a target accountability award by reducing employee attrition (and the associated cost).


I’ve never met someone in HR I didn’t instinctively want...

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July 17, 2014

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As posted on Linkedin 08-14-14


Consider the “rule of five” while in job-perch mode. 


For every company you want or admire, there are five others in th...

Job Search Strategies: "The Rule of Five"

August 14, 2014

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