brian cork Human Capital™ recruits the best people for successful companies that change the world. We work with companies that range from early-stage ventures to the Fortune 50 that hire and retain best-of-class leadership and elite employees.


The briancork  team is recognized globally as recruiting industry experts and leaders that set the bar for excellence – and, can prove this every day with a bold and unprecedented guarantee.


Companies and leaders choose brian cork Search and Recruiting because:


  • They want to hire best-in-class people at the decision-making level;

  • They want to reduce the cost of attrition; and,

  • They want to build cultures that endure.


In 2019 and 2020 brian cork Human Capital™ generated over $23m in real annual revenue for our clients by carefully introducing our clients one to the other making meaningful introductions and holding ourselves accountable for their sustained success. We intend to beat that in 2021. Let us be part of your solution.


"brian cork Human Capital™ is all about making companies and the people who run them successfully." - The Examiner - October 9, 2009


When brian cork Human Capital™ serves your company, we focus on the three things that we focus on are Credentials, Character, and Culture.

Our clients understand that Human Capital – people - is the most important investment. We enable companies to build cultures that endure.

Best of Class Recruiting


Leadership + Strategy = Culture

“What makes brian cork Human Capital™ exceptional is the company’s astounding ability to reach out its worldwide network to find the right fit. My sense is that other companies collect resumes or make calls to people they don’t know. brian cork seems to be one step away from all the best candidates. Our recent hire not only came from that network, but also fit so well with our people the day he walked in. That result is consistent with brian cork’s mission to build our company’s culture one hire at a time".  - Marc Lewyn, Principal, JOYN (formerly GV Financial Advisors)

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